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AI Writer is an AI-powered writing service that aims to generate unique, plagiarism-free content quickly and efficiently. With its advanced AI technology, it can produce complete blog posts in just a matter of minutes. This review will evaluate the various aspects of the AI Writer service, including the ordering process, writing quality, customer support, pricing, delivery, and additional features.

Ordering Process

To use AI Writer, you can sign up for a free trial without needing to provide credit card information. Once you sign up and verify your account, you can start using the service by providing a topic for your article or blog post. The service then begins working on your content, which you can access through your AI Writer dashboard.

Quality of Writing

The writing quality of AI Writer varies depending on the type of content generated. While the rephrasing and subtopic finder features perform well, the long-form content produced may require additional editing and fact-checking. AI Writer may generate text with factual inaccuracies or lack proper formatting, requiring users to spend time editing the content before publishing.

Customer Support

There is limited information available about AI Writer's customer support team. The responsiveness and helpfulness of the team cannot be evaluated based on the provided review.

Pricing and Discounts

AI Writer offers three paid plans: Basic at $29/month, Standard at $59/month, and Power at $375/month. They also provide a free trial, allowing users to experiment with the tool before committing to a paid plan.


After providing a topic, users may experience a waiting time of around 5-10 minutes before receiving their AI-generated content. Although this wait time may be frustrating, the tool aims to provide a complete piece of content within that timeframe.

Additional Features

AI Writer includes additional features such as free revisions, a plagiarism checker, and direct communication with the writer. These features can be helpful but may not always be sufficient to ensure high-quality content without manual intervention and editing.


AI Writer is a decent AI writing tool with useful features like rephrasing and subtopic finder. However, users must be cautious when relying on the service for long-form content as it may require additional editing and fact-checking. While AI Writer can assist with the writing process, users still need to put in the work to ensure the content is of high quality. Despite its limitations, the free trial makes it worth trying to determine if it suits your needs.

Pros and Cons of

Pros Cons
Easy to use Makes mistakes
Free unlimited trial Slow content creation process
Can generate great shorter content Has limited control
Offers additional features such as rephrasing tool and subtopic finder SEO editor is not effective

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