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Jasper.ai is an AI-powered writing service that aims to simplify the process of generating essays and other written content. Key features of the platform include an AI chat, grammar checker, and plagiarism detection software. In this review, we will evaluate the ordering process, quality of writing, customer support, pricing, delivery, and additional features to help you make an informed decision about using this writing service.

Ordering process

The platform's ordering process is simple and intuitive. After creating a profile, users can quickly submit their topic, provide a prompt description of the task, and receive a generated text within minutes. Jasper.ai also offers a browser extension for seamless integration with Google Docs.

Quality of writing

The AI-generated text we received was well-structured and had a clear narrative. The grammar, spelling, word choice, and punctuation were of high quality, but the text could have benefited from a more complex plot and additional length. As with any AI-generated text, some human refinement is necessary to achieve the best results.

Customer support

Jasper.ai offers a comprehensive support system, including live training, Q&A sessions, chat groups, and special guides. Users can also reach the support team through a contact form, with response times typically within a few hours.

Pricing and discounts

The platform offers a 5-day free trial, but users must subscribe to one of its monthly or annual plans. Pricing starts at $29/month for the Starter package and $59/month for the Boss mode, depending on the number of words needed per month. Custom plans are also available for growing business teams.


The delivery process is quick and efficient, with texts generated within minutes. Users can choose the preferred length of the writing, but formatting options are limited. The platform does not offer features for adding references, citations, or organizing the document in a specific format.

Additional features

Jasper.ai can also rewrite, summarize, and rephrase existing text, making it a versatile tool for editing and improving your writing. However, it does not offer features for formatting, adding references, or creating citations, which may be important for academic work.


Overall, Jasper.ai provides a satisfactory value-for-money and user experience. It generates high-quality writing quickly and offers a solid support system. However, the platform lacks some important features for academic work, and the final product may require human refinement. Despite these limitations, Jasper.ai can be a helpful tool for those looking to streamline their writing process and improve their skills.

Jasper.ai Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Easy and intuitive ordering process Limited formatting options for academic work
Quick delivery of generated text Lacks features for adding references and citations
High-quality grammar, spelling, and punctuation Human refinement needed to achieve the best results
Comprehensive customer support system Subscription required for free trial
Versatile features for rewriting, summarizing, and rephrasing text
Free trial option available

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Efficient AI Writing Tool: Jasper

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